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$7 Formal Dress For the Win


Whatever bug was going around campus finally caught up with me this past week.  My nose was runny, my throat was scratchy, my eyes were heavy.  Making it to class and getting at least some of my homework done was about all I could handle.  I even decided to go home over the weekend because 1.) I finally had a whole weekend off from work and 2.) I felt pretty confident I could convince my mom to make some of her delicious soup.


This soup is magical, I tell you. It’s the perfect combination of herb and spice. I’ve begged my mom to send me directions so I can make it at school, but she insists its something you just have to make by taste. Also, I call this my mom’s lunch lady pot for obvious reasons. Soup for days.

Normally when I go home I get a good amount of sewing in, but not this time.  I mostly hung around the house, ran errands with friends, started Dawson’s Creek on Netflix (one of my best friends compared me to Pacey, so I had to see what that was about…I’m still unsure), and nursed my cold.  I got back to Kirksville feeling so, so much better.

My to-do list was incredibly long, though, and my amount of free time incredibly low.  I worked butt off so by Friday I could enjoy Formal.

IMG_0361 IMG_0367 IMG_0372

Jackson Stables, the local winery, was so pretty and the perfect venue!  This formal was the last event I was in charge of as social coordinator, and I couldn’t have asked for it to be any more successful.  Part of me can’t even believe it’s Formal season already.  This semester is going to be over before I know it, and that’s relieving and terrifying all at the same time.

Peace and Progress,