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Pattern Love


When I first started sewing, I used patterns produced by big pattern companies like McCall’s, Simplicity, and Butterick.  They served me well in that I was exposed to a wide variety of skills .  Now that I have those skills in my arsenal, I’m wanting to explore how I can use them in more ways than just during step nine of this particular skirt pattern.

Cue independent pattern companies.  After doing some research, I have found quite a number of smaller sewing companies or individual people that create and produce their own patterns that I am dying to try.  I think most of the reason I’m so excited to try these patterns is because the people behind them are so inspiring.  I could be making my own patterns one day if I felt so inclined, and that kind of thinking is just what I need right now.  You are directly involved in every decision that will go into a piece that will be shown off to the world and, in this way, sewing is very liberating.  Sometimes I forget that and become bogged down by the amount of decisions.  But they are a direct reflection of you in every sense, and that is refreshing.

My top 5 independent pattern designers (no particular order):

1. Jamie Christina

2. Salme

3. April Rhodes

4. Megan Nielsen

5. Deer and Doe

I’m in the process of making a dress from an independent pattern blogger and will debut the end product in my next post!

Peace and Progress,