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Wearing a Bed Sheet


This past week has been cra-zy.  Between school, work, and my sorority’s Initiation week, I barely had time to breath.  But, alas, I finally have a moment to reflect and am realizing that I was actually quite crafty.

1. The thing I’m most in awe of that came out of this week is the dress I made for my smart, beautiful, perfect Little.


A “Little” is someone who is generally younger than you that you take on to guide through life in a sorority. Emily and I couldn’t be more perfect for each other

The dress she’s wearing is made out of…get ready for it–A BED SHEET.  Could have fooled you, right?  Emily came to me in need of something to wear for one of our ceremonies and had this t-shirt style dress in mind.  We took a trip to Walmart’s pathetic excuse of a craft section and perused the even more pathetic selection of fabric only to find no knits, which is what this dress needed to be made of.  I expected this would be the case, so I threw out the option of looking at the only knits I knew would be in the store– the ones in the bed sheet aisle.  Emily picked the solid full size set and we set off home to make it.

 In total, this dress took about 4 hours to cut out and sew.  I used this tutorial from Cotton and Curls with some slight variation.  I didn’t cut the sleeves attached to the body of the dress like in the tutorial.  I cut out two separate sleeves and sewed them to the body using a gather.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous doing the sleeves with no pattern.  I used a shirt emily had to draft the sleeves and a combination of a t-shirt and dress she wanted to replicate the fit of.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the end result, and so was Emily.  I’m almost positive she wore that dress three days in a row without washing it.

2. The second thing that I am pretty proud of is this water bottle.  Initiation week is full of gift giving.  Emily got one and so did the newest addition to our family.  Sadly, I don’t have a picture of theirs.


I was going for an American theme. Eventually it will have white stars painted around the banner, but I’m digging the way it looks right now too.

If someone ever judges you for spending $20 on a bag of flat-backed gem stones, please direct them to this New Girl quote from my namesake and fictional kindred spirit, Jessica Day…


Then, take a look at the tutorial I used to transfer the photo that you see on the bottle from paper to the plastic.  I found it floating around the Internet when I Google searched “being fratty”.  Am I exactly proud?  No.  Too ashamed to admit it?  Hell no.  The rest of the bottle I painted with acrylic craft paint (tip: let each coat dry completely, otherwise you’re just moving wet paint around), then I covered the whole thing with a layer of Mod Podge to act as a sealer in case I spilled any SoCo water on the outside.

3. The last project I tackled this week will be an on-going one as I have a handful of friends turning 21 this month.  It’s tradition in these parts of town to make your friends turning the big 2-1 a shot book.  One page is equivalent to one shot and 21 friends are responsible for one page a piece.  They’re silly, they’re fun, they’re a good way for the birthday girl to remember piece together her night.


Good luck and God speed to all my friends turning 21 this month!

Fun fact:  I’m currently working on a final project for my Folklore class that entails researching birthday practices within folk groups, focusing on the celebration practices of the 21st birthday.  It doesn’t get much more Liberal Arts than that.  Does going to Tp’s count as field research? Ok, but really?

My week in review:

IMG_0292 IMG_0284 IMG_0307

IMG_0333 IMG_0281

Because Halloween isn’t complete without at least one cliche Catholic school girl costume…..oh wait, that was my ensemble, Initiation Week wouldn’t be Initiation Week if I didn’t break out my squirrel sweater at least once, Ally and I can’t pass up a photo-op doing our signature pose, Mal likes dollar margs at LaPa a little too much, and I’m not bitter about not getting senior pictures taken.  Wait, yes I am.

Peace and Progress,