For the past two years I’ve been learning how to sew.  A woman who I consider to be my life mentor first and friend second began passing down her knowledge to me.  She likes when I like things she likes, and I like liking things she likes.  That’s a mouthful, but also a true statement.  So I was willing to give it a try without much thought.  At first I honestly didn’t know if the new hobby would stick.  The first few projects were rough, to say the least, and I felt like I was becoming best friends with the seam ripper while the sewing machine and I were still avoiding eye contact in class.  But alas, it got better by the end of that first summer and I haven’t thought about quitting since.  I’ve kept at it, adding new stitches and techniques to my tool belt and going on the bigger and more complex projects.  The seam ripper and I still go way back, but now the sewing machine and I are pretty tight too.

The whole making your own clothes thing has really led me down the path of “do it yourself”.  I like showing people that I am a college student with more than (almost) a degree and a well used liver.  I have a set of skills.  Like, I can cook for myself, and budget, and take old things and make them new, and clothe myself in ways that don’t include my dad’s credit card and Nordstrom’s website.  In fact, I can probably look at a dress from Nordstoms and figure out how to make it for a whole heck of a lot cheaper.

 My blog is a place for my inspiration, tutorials, and recipes.  It’s about making clothes that look like they forced me to choose between paying rent for the month or being the most complimented girl at the bar.  I’ll show you my successful Pinterest adventures and my failed attempts.  I’m a 20 something college student, and sometimes it will be about being in college because I think that’s something that qualifies a lot in my life.  I’m not rolling in the dough, I purposely forgot my second pair of shoes for the rec for the third time this week, my midterm papers wont write themselves, but, man, those crocheting needles wont stop calling my name.

Nothing usually works the first time, but what would be the point if it did?

Mentor, friend, and the reason I'm an Alpha Gam.  Dress: made by me

Mentor, friend, and the reason I’m an Alpha Gam.
Dress: made by me


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