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I first need to apologize to all of the nonexistent people that read my blog because I have been M.I.A. for a while now.  My roommates finally decided to pay the ransom fee that my captor was demanding for my release from a woodland cottage in Maine with no internet access.  Just kidding, my roommates would never pay a ransom to get me back because I’m a weirdo and punch their butts when they walk up stairs and happen to be in front of me and walk around without clothes on far too often.

Also, I was never held captive at a woodland cottage in Maine.  I was actually swallowed up by the overwhelming nature of finals.  Part of me wishes I was making romps around the snow covered hills of Maine and coming home to a woodland cottage because then maybe I could justify buying a pair of these:


L.L. Bean

Maybe I could ask for a pair from Santa?  Wait, I already maxed him out with December’s rent.  The struggle.

Anyway, once finals decide to spit me out, maybe in one piece, maybe not, I have a handful of projects that I will be ready to kick break off with.


Top left: Hawthorne Threads fabric // Top right: J. Crew skirt

Middle left: Simplicity 1501 Front & Back view // Middle right: Simplicity 1501

Bottom left: Alexander Henry Holiday Metallic Wrap  // Bottom right: Alexander Henry Hurry Down the Chimney

One of my good friends, Haleigh, is J. Crew obsessed, and rightfully so.  But she works as one of “Santa’s helpers” at Bass Pro where she wears short khakis and helps take pictures of terrified children on the big man’s lap, which doesn’t exactly pay big bucks.  She asked me if I could recreate the skirt in the top right.  It’s basically a paper bag skirt and I’m going to use this tutorial.  She’s so lucky to have me.  I am saving her a wad a moolah.

The bottom four pictures are for one of my roommates and our secret santa exchange…except she knows what’s coming.  I’m going to make her sleep shorts out of a Christmas version of the hot guy fabric.  She’ll love it.

Peace and Progress,